GREENE King has denied rumours its award-winning mild is being dropped from its all-year -round portfolio of beers. 

Supporters of the beer expressed shock on social media after it was reported the beer would be dropped by the brewer. 

However Greene King which was bought in 2019 by Hong Kong company CK Assets for £2.7bn, says the beer remains a permanent member of its portfolio. 

A Greene King spokesperson said the beer, which won the mild beers category in the 2018 Champion Beer of Britain competition (pictured), was being brewed twice a week but was on a less frequent brewing schedule than some of its more popular beers. 

“We are the UK’s leading cask beer brewer with a portfolio of more than 50 regular beers and many more recipes to draw upon in our archive. We have a busy brewing schedule which operates seven days a week tailored to fulfil customer orders and demand. 

“Sometimes in order to continue to develop and introduce new beers we must rotate the brewing schedule to accommodate them. This may mean that a beer that has a low demand may be put on a reduced brewing schedule and be in limited stock at certain times of year. 

“In the case of XX Mild it remains a permanent beer in our portfolio, but is brewed less frequently than our core beers such as IPA, Abbot Ale or Old Speckled Hen.” 

At the time of the Greene King takeover CAMRA national chairman Nik Antona said: “We are always wary of one company controlling a large share of the market, which is seldom beneficial for consumers. 

“We hope Greene King will continue its operations as normal without any disappointing changes.” 

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