by Katie Wiles

Four reasons to check out a Brewhouse & Kitchen near you

Last weekend I had the chance to visit Brewhouse & Kitchen for the first time, stopping in at my nearest location in Milton Keynes. While it may be a chain with 24 locations nationwide, this brewpub is a far cry from your average pub. With superb beer pairings and CAMRA discounts, check out these four reasons why you should find an excuse to visit a Brewhouse & Kitchen near you.

1. They brew on site

Upon entering the pub, you are hit by the sweet scent of yeast fermenting in the microbrewery. The brewing kegs in Milton Keynes make for a centrepiece which has been nicknamed ‘the upside-down’ as they are literally upside down in their configuration. A spiral staircase gives the head brewer access to the microbrewery, where he was busy putting the finishing touches on their tropical IPA.  

The smell of the brewpub brings back welcomed memories for me of my time in America, where brewpubs reign supreme. It also made a refreshing change of pace to your everyday pub culture – there is just something exciting about drinking beer that has literally zero beer miles under its belt. Of course, proximity to the head brewer is also a bonus – especially if you want several options when it comes to narrowing down their menu!

2. They’ve matched their menu with beer

Once seated, I was greeted with a full food and drinks menu, which were already conveniently paired. Whether you’re looking for small sharing platters mixed with flights or to enjoy a few pints with their ‘beer can chicken’ or BBQ platter, there is something on the menu to suit every palate.

Our wait staff were knowledgeable and enthusiastic about helping me choose the right beer for each plate, and I opted for the ‘small plate’ starters with a flight of beer. I was encouraged to steer towards their Veteran’s Stout to accompany my smokey, BBQ-flavoured dishes, such as their pork belly burnt ends with ‘beer-b-cue’ dip. For cheesier options, such as their mac n’ cheese melts with chilli jam (made with a beer cheese sauce) and halloumi fries, their Legend Lager helped ‘cut through’ the grease. Not normally a lager drinker myself, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the beer paired with the plates, giving the beer an edge I wouldn’t have found on its own.

They also have a full fridge behind the bar with over 60+ beers from the UK and abroad, so if they’re busy brewing one of their staples you’ll be sure to find a suitable replacement. I sampled a Tiny Rebel ‘peanut butter and jelly stay puft’ Marshmallow Porter, with a chocolate fondue dessert, and it certainly left an impression!

3. You can brew your own beer

While enjoying numerous platters and beer tasters, I noticed a jolly group seated around a fire pit under the shadow of the kegs. I soon found out that they were brewing on-site for the day as part of the Brewhouse & Kitchen brewery experience day (£85pp). This seven-hour day includes breakfast and lunch as well as the chance to sample eight different beers.  There is, of course, work involved as well. You’re expected to roll up your sleeves and work with the head brewer on their latest brew.

At the end of the day, you get a certificate to prove your brewing prowess and a 5L mini-keg containing a beer of your choice. You can even come back in two weeks time to get the exact beer you made on the day. 

Brewhouse & Kitchen run a number of other experiences through their ‘academy’, including a two-hour gin or beer tasting masterclass and a food & beer matching experience. Though I didn’t get the chance to sample the events myself, they looked like a lot of fun and sound like a great way to help people learn more about their favourite drink. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s not the worst gift idea I could imagine!

4. You can save on your visit with your CAMRA membership card

I was pleased to see that Brewhouse & Kitchen is one of the partners we work with to provide discounts and savings for our members.. 

CAMRA members receive individual discounts on their pints at over 3,500 pubs around the country through the ‘Real Ale Discount Scheme’. Brewhouse & Kitchen is part of this scheme and will offer you 10% off a pint upon presentation of your membership card. You can find other pubs offering local discounts to you by using our pub database WhatPub and searching for the discount symbol Visit to find one today.  

In addition, you can also find over 1,500 pubs who accept ‘CAMRA vouchers’ (50p off a pint – £30 worth of vouchers are provided for all new and renewed memberships). Participating pubs include Wetherspoon, Stonegate, Brains, Castle Rock and Amber Taverns managed pubs. 

You can also discover a range of other CAMRA partner discounts and savings such as HomeBrewtique brewing kits, Beer52 subscriptions, Adnams beer, National Express, Merlin Entertainment,  Shearings holidays, Fred Olsen cruises and more. To check out what’s available this holiday season, visit: 

So a trip to Brewhouse & Kitchen is cost-effective as well! With great food, beer, ambiance and savings, why not check out one of their 24 locations this winter? 

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