A campaign to highlight the importance of local pubs to their communities has the backing of thousands of pub goers, hundreds of pubs and many MPs.

The Long Live the Local campaign recently passed the milestone of 170,000 petition signatures, and more than 80,000 people have written to their MP asking them to back the call for a cut in beer duty.

However, the campaign is still targeting tens of thousands more people to sign to keep the pressure on politicians across the political spectrum. “The more pressure we can collectively assert, the better the chances are that they will listen,” said one of the organisers.

Long Live The Local is a campaign backed by a broad alliance of pubs, brewers and industry bodies who together form Britain’s Beer Alliance.

The campaign celebrates the vital role local pubs play whilst highlighting the pressure they are under from a range of taxes including beer duty and business rates.

One of the many lawmakers backing the initiative is St Albans MP Anne Main.

In 2018 there were 59 pubs in St Albans, two fewer than in 2017. According to the campaign, the UK is set to lose 10 per cent of its pubs in the next five years

She is calling on the government to cut beer tax, which has increased by 60 per cent over the past 17 years, in the Budget. British drinkers now pay 40 per cent of all the beer tax across the EU, but drink only 12 per cent of the beer.

She said: “I’m delighted to continue to support the Long Live the Local campaign and I am calling on the Chancellor to cut beer tax at this year’s Budget to support pubs.

“Pubs are vital to our local community in St Albans and I will continue to champion them in Parliament. The government must do more to help businesses like our pubs which are unfairly impacted by the tax system.”

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