CAMRA has backed calls for the Scottish and UK Governments to take action to reduce and reverse premises closures in town centres across Scotland.

The Federation of Small Business (FSB) has published its report Transforming Towns, calling for action to halt and reverse the closure of shops, banks and other premises in Scotland’s 479 towns.

CAMRA is calling on the Scottish Government to do more to protect pubs from closure, demolition or conversion to other uses.

CAMRA director for Scotland Sarah Crawford (pictured above) said: “The FSB are right that we need action to help town centre businesses stay open and thriving – and pubs are a key part of that.

“As well as being a vital part of our social fabric, they also help to bring people into our town centres, increasing footfall and having a positive impact on shops, services and the local economy.

“But for too long, too many of our pubs have been forced to close or have faced demolition or conversion into other uses.

“That’s why CAMRA is calling on the Scottish Government to do more to save our pubs, including providing funding to protect town centre pubs and bring former pubs back into use.

“Scottish ministers also need to support pubs with the burden of business rates, strengthen planning laws to prevent pubs being demolished, and introduce a Scottish Pubs Code to make sure tenants of big pub companies don’t face closure because those companies take more than is fair from the profits of their tenants.”

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