Britain’s Beer Alliance is celebrating the power of the great British pub with a 30-minute documentary detailing the tax threats many are facing.

The film follows the slow demise of East Sussex’s The Horns Lodge as it struggles to stay afloat amid a wave of financial taxes, including VAT and business rates.

The film depicts quirky regulars, from The Naked Gardener and Miserable Mick, to “Nick “The Hat” and his wife, Cheesecake Lynn.

Six minutes in, it abruptly cuts to a shot of the pub, revealing it closed its doors at the beginning of this year. It ends with a simple plea that stays on screen for the remainder of the 30-minute film: “Three pubs a day close their doors for good. Sign the petition to cut beer tax.”

Long Live the Local programme director Cunningham said: “We are seeing even more support from pub-goers and publicans this year, driven by more emotive and powerful creative such as these films.

“When we deliver the petition to No10, we believe as many as 200,000 people will have signed and close to 100,000 will have written to their MP, demonstrating just how much people care about local pubs.”

The documentary is accompanied by three shorter films detailing the perks of pubs for local communities, live music and sport, a content partnership with LadBible, social and digital activity, and an OOH poster campaign in football stadiums.

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