There are 71 breweries in the running for the prestigious Champion Beer of Britain award, with the winner being judged and revealed on the opening day of the Great British Beer Festival (6 August).

The final judging, which will see who succeeds last year’s champion Siren (pictured), marks the culmination of more than a year of local tasting panels and regional heats by volunteers across the country. Judges will choose the winner based on its appearance, aroma, taste and finish across 10 categories.

Champion Beer of Britain coordinator Nick Boley said: “It is an incredibly exciting time for British brewers, and nowhere is this better refl ected than in the Champion Beer of Britain competition, one of the most prestigious titles within the beer industry.

“From the largest and most-established brewers such as Timothy Taylor and Fuller’s to the smallest startups such as Redwillow and Byatt’s, it is anyone’s guess which will win and take home the title.”

Olympia will see the Campaign’s new Learning & Discovery zone make its festival debut and will give festival-goers guidance and advice on beer, cider and perry from their ingredients to how they’re made and their history.

CAMRA’s Learning & Discovery manager Alex Metcalfe said: “The idea is to help beer enthusiasts become beer connoisseurs, and make the information accessible to all.”

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