Demand for its cask beer is stronger and greater than ever, says Thornbridge Brewery.

Industry figures might show the sector is in decline, down 6.8 per cent, but the brewer of Jaipur IPA says it is brewing more cask beer than ever.

Thornbridge has been brewing cask beer since 2005 and says it has seen a consistent demand for it over the last few years. The company says its brewed more than two million pints of cask in 2018.

Thornbridge Brewery chief executive officer Simon Webster said: “Never before has Thornbridge brewed so much cask beer. There is an unfortunate stigma around cask beer that it’s all flat, brown ale with no flavour, which in reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

“We are constantly evolving our cask beer range, in the last year we’ve brewed everything from jasmine and orange pale to a flat – white pale ale as well as developing a series of ice cream porters which have all been incredibly received.”

Webster was particularly pleased with his company’s presence at last year’s Great British Beer Festival in London.

He said its bar at the festival drew huge crowds, in particular for their new brews and specials.

“The demand was so high, Thornbridge had to arrange for an additional delivery during the course of the five-day festival,” said Webster.

“This year, we’re looking forward to bringing some old favourites back to cask such as Chiron and AM:PM as well as developing more new and exciting styles. Cask beer, for us, is thriving as much as it has ever been.”

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