Robinsons family brewers have announced the renovation of one of their most recent pub acquisitions: the Four Alls in Caernarfon, which was purchased by the brewery in November 2017. The pub has now reopened following an intensive two-month refurbishment, transforming it from a dilapidated pub to one with high character and charm.

The Stockport-based brewers, who recently celebrated their 180th birthday, were tempted by the Four Alls’ busy location and rich history. Located within the medieval walls of the old Caernarfon, the pub is perfectly situated to appeal to thousands of tourists visiting the famous castle. It also spans two major streets located opposite the main castle entrance, the Hole in the Wall Street and Palace Street.

William Robinson, Managing Director (Pubs Division) for Robinsons Brewery, said: “We are pleased to have had the opportunity to acquire this historic pub in Caernarfon. The Four Alls is an excellent fit for Robinsons and the purchase reinforces our presence in North Wales. We remain dedicated to our tenanted pub estate, supporting and developing our tenant’s businesses, and we will continue to look for further pub acquisitions. The Four Alls sits in an ideal location and, with this significant investment, we can see it performing very well.”

The ‘Four Alls’ acquired its name based on the four universal aphorisms of the king, the priest, the soldier and the ordinary man, whereby the king rules for all, the priest prays for all, the solider fights for all and the ordinary man pays for all. Though the building appears to be Georgian it is believed to be much older.

Robinsons have restored the pub to a high standard, retaining the Welsh feel and creating a pub that is now a destination for visitors and locals that is smart, interesting and comfortable.

Trevor Strickley, Business Development Manager for Robinsons Brewery, commented: “Caernarfon is a great attraction for tourists and so the acquisition and refurbishment of the Four Alls works perfectly. We have transformed the once tired pub into an up-to-date community hub, that is in-keeping with its rich history. The pub now boasts a gleaming new look and radiates a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere that will attract customers both old and new.”

New features include solid oak floorboards, open fires, cosy lantern lighting and improved access to the beer garden. The new colour scheme combines red leather detail, red high gloss panelling, tiled key elevations and oak clad ceilings, all softened by antique Persian rugs, traditional printed floral fabrics, rustic tables and chairs.

Many areas of the pub have been broken up into cosy pockets, and high level tables and elevated seating in the window allows customers to watch the world go by and an improved view into the pub.

Customers looking to quench their thirst will be happy with the improved range of gins, wines and beers, and an array of delicious pub favourites, such as pie of the day, scrumptious homemade burgers and a variety of mouth-watering hot and cold sandwiches will also be available to buy.

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