Following the National National (NE) agreement to replace the position of chief executive, the recruitment process will commence shortly. CAMRA will be using an agency experienced in recruiting senior positions which will lead the search and shortlist suitable candidates. This decision has been taken after full consultation with the current Senior Staff Team at Hatfield Road.

Restructuring of the Trading Team has seen Simon Hall leave CAMRA. As a result, two new roles have been created (trading manager – Good Beer Guide and trading manager – CAMRA Books) which both Emma Haines and Katie Button will fill respectively.

National vice chairman and staffing director Ian Packham said: “Simon played a significant part of the growth in CAMRA’s book’s portfolio. He saw the development of the 300 Beers to Try Before You Die series, the Pub Walks series which have been fantastic achievements and he has developed a very strong working relationships with the Books Committee.”

Following the departure of Jonathan Mail, Tom Stainer will assume responsibility for the Campaigns and Communications teams with Alex Metcalfe and Stuart Donaldson reporting directly to him. The Senior Staff Team will now consist of Tom Stainer, Ken Owst and Tony Lewis.

Natasha Ferenczy has been promoted to events marketing officer.

Polo Lam is joining CAMRA as IT development coordinator following the departure of Chris Jagusz.

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CAMRA founding member Michael Hardman has stepped down from the NE. He returned to active involvement as chairman of the Revitalisation Steering Committee and was elected to the NE in 2017.

Michael said: “I have enjoyed being back in the CAMRA fold and particularly helping shape future policy but I now need to focus on other projects.”

The NE is to decide who will take his place on the Communications Committee.

Following the resignation of Paul Ainsworth as chairman of Pub Campaigns Committee, the NE has agreed Ben Wilkinson will take over the role with Ash Corbett-Collins becoming chairman of the Marketing Committee.

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