The villagers of Grafham, Cambridgeshire have a community shop, a community bus and finally they are going to get their own pub.

Campaigners have been given planning permission by Huntingdonshire District Council to build a pub on waste land owned by the parish council.

For the last seven years residents who wanted a beer either had to drink at home or at a beer festival in the village hall.

Now, work has begun on building a log cabin which will be used as a pub. The first pints are expected to be served in September.

The Pub at Grafham, director Kevin Sharp said the community interest company now had planning permission granted to build a wooden log cabin for use as a community pub.

Sharp said: “With all of the funds now secured from selling shares around the village we are excited to announce that the builders are due to start work on the building of the facility at the end of July with an expected completion date of the end of September.

“Over the last couple of years, a group of people have been working at bringing a permanent pub to our village.

“The pub, like the beer festival, will act as a free house, and will only sell local beers from our many local microbreweries.

“Working with the community and local councils we hope is to keep our overheads low so that we can pass savings on to our customers, whilst not compromising on quality beer.

“When so many good pubs are closing, we think the model we have used would be of value to other villages who have no pub within walking distance and is a great example of the community coming together to build a pub for not half as much money as you would imagine.”

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