Lord of the Rings actor John Rhys-Davies will be the star guest at this year’s Isle of Man Beer and Cider Festival.

The event, which is now in its 7th year, will take place at the Villa Marina, 12-14 April. More than 150 ales will be on sale plus a selection of ciders and perries and fruit wines and the organisers hope to top the 3,000 visitors they had last year.

Rhys-Davies, whose films also include the Indiana Jones and James Bond, will arrive by horse tram carrying a cask of Festival Ale, specially brewed by Bushey’s Brewery.

This year there will be a dedicated wildlife themed bar – with all beers having names associated with wildlife and their habitats and the festival’s chosen charity is the Manx Wildlife Trust.


There’ll also be a bar dedicated to beers and ciders brewed in Northern Ireland as well as feature beers which are brewed using old recipes – some of them dating back to Victorian times.

Tickets for the festival have been pegged at last year’s price of £5 and are now on sale at the Villa-Gaiety box offices, the Welcome centre at the sea terminal and on-line.

For more information click http://www.iombeerfestival.com/

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