CAMRA is about to launch the final stage of the Revitalisation Project – the largest review of its purpose and activities ever conducted – and every member will get the chance to take part in the big decisions.

CAMRA’s board of directors, the National Executive (NE), has taken the decision to ask members to embed the Revitalisation Project recommendations into CAMRA’s Articles of Association and will be asking members for their approval at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) this April in Coventry.

By choosing to change the Articles, the NE has ensured that all members will get the chance to vote on the Revitalisation changes by either attending the AGM in person or by registering for a proxy vote – rather than limiting the vote to just those members who are able to attend in person.

As Special Resolutions require a 75 per cent vote in favour, approval will reflect a clear majority of members in favour, and will also ensure the changes become part of CAMRA’s “DNA” more effectively than conference motions, which are non-binding.

Full details of the recommendations will be released in January, as part of a communication effort to ensure that all members understand the changes and the difference they’ll make to CAMRA’s campaigning and events.

Keep your eyes open for information on social media, in your email, on and the national CAMRA website for all the details about the recommendations and how you can register to get your voice heard in the decision making.

CAMRA chairman Colin Valentine said: “It’s always been important that our members have had a say throughout this review process and we’re now at the point where we’ll be giving all our members the chance to vote on the final Revitalisation Project recommendations.

“The vote will be held at our Annual General Meeting, in Coventry in April. In the months between now and then we’ll be making sure members can access the full details of the changes we’re recommending, along with the analysis of the impacts and potential opportunities the changes will have.

“My colleagues and I will be making ourselves available at meetings around the country over the next three months in order that members can ask us questions about the proposed changes. We’ll also be making sure we’re available online at frequent intervals. At the end of this process our aim is to make sure that every member has been given the opportunity to learn more about the proposals before they voted.

“Our recommendations mark an important stage in CAMRA’s long history. We recognise that the beer and pub landscape has changed and continues to evolve, and we’re determined to make sure that we also continue to change and evolve to ensure we’re relevant to drinkers of all types and that we offer a compelling reason for people to continue to join .

“When it announces details of the recommended changes in the New Year the National Executive will take pains to ensure that members fully understand the recommendations, have an opportunity to ask questions, and feel fully equipped to cast their vote in April.”

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