Now, is the time for members and branches to make nominations for CAMRA’s national membership award. National director Ian Garner, a member of the membership committee, explains how to do it.


It is always a great feeling to be recognised for doing the right thing and at each Members Weekend the national membership committee recognises a member, or branch, that have gone above and beyond within our campaign to actively recruit, retain, and even better activate members to getting our message out to the community. We celebrate the national membership award.

This year we recognised Lyn Sharpe (pictured above, left at the Great British Beer Festival) for her work in recruiting at festivals. I know of one branch whose recruitment via forms in pubs is exceptional. There are many ways which individuals and branches, as part of their commitment to our cause as volunteers, spend their time spreading the word, my question to you is do you know someone we don’t, who is deserving of our appreciation?

We would like you to contact the national membership director, Ian Packham at;, and with a short appreciation tell us what the individual or branch does. It does not need to be recruiting thousands at festivals, it could be delivering newsletters to pubs across the branch area and keeping in touch with the licensees, it could be organising socials as part of activation and recruitment. The list is endless the point is there is so much you, as members do, that we would like to recognise.

A few years ago, we encouraged branches to put activation on their branch agenda in order to encourage best practice, nationally this has been a great success and we would like for that to continue, our future depends on active volunteers, just for once let’s give these volunteers the recognition they deserve.

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