There may be a lot of debate around the definition of craft beer. But there’s no debate around the idea of a week-long national celebration of cask ale. The question is, what are your plans for the week?

Every CAMRA member is invited to participate. Every branch is urged to get involved. And to do it your own way. It runs from 21 September – 1 October.

Cask Marque director Paul Nunny said: “It’s not too late to get involved. You could organise ale trails, beer festivals or brewery visits. You could work with local pubs on special events or promotions.  You could create competitions, media stunts or social media activity. Whatever suits you and your branch.”

He points out that the higher the participation, the better it is for the real ale scene. The more cask beer that finds its way into new hands – and mouths – the better for everyone.

“Every new cask ale drinker helps pubs to stay open and choice of beer to be maintained,” said Nunny.  “So, anything CAMRA members and branches can do to recruit a new generation of real ale lovers will be to their advantage. It will help secure the future of breweries and the variety of beers on offer.

“Cask Ale Week provides the perfect platform for CAMRA members and branches to work with brewers and licensees to create a buzz; get new people trying real ale; and generally celebrating our national drink.

“There are already a fantastic variety of events planned for this year including: ale trails, cycle and bus tours of pubs, Branch brewery tours, sampling and tutored tastings, beer festivals – and even a walking festival venturing to pubs and breweries.

“Whether you act individually or collectively, the dates 21 September to 1 October provide a great opportunity. You can tailor your own tribute to cask ale – and help create some new lifelong fans. Not to mention ensuring that an 11 day week is something worth celebrating.”

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