IS YOUR branch organising some real cider and perry events in October?

“With October 2017 only a few months away it’s time to start considering plans for this year’s October cider and perry promotion,” says Apple chair Andrea Briers.

“Although branches can decide what theme they adopt for cider and perry campaigning in October, our suggestion is that pubs are promoted in some way during this campaign,” said Andrea.

Events which could be considered are cider trails, tastings and socials.

October also includes Apple Day (21 October) which was launched in 1990 by Common Ground ( It is the time when cider producers are pressing their apples so is an ideal opportunity to see how real cider and perry is made.

Branches are encouraged to get involved with Apple Day – activities could include the organisation of a cider bar, a visit to a cider maker and a demonstration of apple picking and pressing.

“Whatever you decide to do, where possible, please make it an external facing campaign that the public will see or could attend. And don’t forget to advertise, and invite non-members,” said Andrea.

Event can be advertised on CAMRA’s national website by completing the webform which can be found in the “About Cider” section (

Cider promotional material, including poster, dripmats and leaflets can be ordered on line

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