Author: Tim Hampson

Registration of beer brands on the up

The demand for beers from smaller brewers over the past 10 years is booming, if the registration of trademarks is a guide. London law firm RPC finds the number of trademark registrations for beer in the UK has risen by the highest level since 2007, a development the company states is due to the “craft beer revolution”.

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A seasonal search for the phantom of brewing

The Belgian man-in-the-street (or rue) is probably more knowledgeable about beer than his counterpart in other countries. Despite that, he is still inclined to take for granted the marvellous beer selection in his own land. The integrity of several Belgian beer styles is in danger, and some could vanish. Perhaps the most endangered is the Saison.

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Maidenhead community buys its pub

There is no doubt that the real ale tastes much better in the Craufurd Arms since it was bought by the local community. This is not some fanciful flight of the imagination – the beer really does taste better, because after a long period of neglect the pub is on the up and up. Already locals have noticed the quality of the ale has improved – the first and very tangible sign that this new chapter in the life of one of Maidenhead’s oldest established pubs should be a very good one.

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