Author: Tim Hampson

Beer duty is too high

CAMRA is urging the Government to turn back the clock and freeze beer duty once again, as new research confirms most people say beer duty is too high.

YouGov research finds 55 per cent of people who expressed an opinion believe beer duty is too high at 54p per pint. Taxes now make up a third of the cost of a pint – a situation made worse in the Spring Budget when the Government announced the first rise in beer duty in four years.

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CAMRA calls for new business rate relief for pubs

CAMRA is calling on the Government to stop viable community pubs from being driven out of business by introducing a £5,000 annual reduction on their rocketing business rates.

Reviews of business rates across England are seeing many pubs hit with a massive new financial burden, which in some cases could only be covered by them selling tens of thousands of extra pints of beer every year.

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