It is with sadness that we must report the passing of Alan Watson, writes Russell Burt and Hugh Stevenson.

Alan was one of an energetic group of Partick Thistle supporters who got together to form the Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch of CAMRA – the first in Scotland – in 1974. He wrote a letter to the Glasgow Herald asking all CAMRA members and those interested in traditional beer to meet in the Golf Inn in Bishopton as there were no known cask ale outlets in Glasgow at the time. The meeting was a great success with the room struggling to accommodate all attendees and the branch was duly formed. He went on to be chairman for a number of years.

He worked tirelessly, campaigning in Glasgow, an area bereft of good real ale pubs, for publicans to install cask beer into their pubs and, more importantly, once installed, to promote this excellent product to the customers.

Although not as active in later years, Alan was guest of honour at Callum’s in Johnstone, sadly, the Golf Inn had closed some years earlier, in September 2014 to celebrate 40 years of CAMRA in Scotland.

Never short of a story or three, Alan was a very funny man and will be sorely missed. He was one of life’s characters and everyone who knew him should remember him with a smile on their face.

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