CAMRA is calling on pub-goers to choose cask-conditioned ale during Cask Ale Week, taking place from Thursday 24 September to Sunday 4 October.

The industry-wide campaign aims to promote locally produce cask ale, with a special focus on celebrating pubs and clubs as the home of fresh cask ale, following their 100+ days of closure earlier this year.

Where people are unable to visit the pub due to local restrictions or health concerns, CAMRA has developed a range of resources to allow beer-drinkers to search for and order takeaway or delivery cask ale, such as its Brew2You app and Pulling Together resources.

CAMRA national director Gillian Hough said: “Cask Ale Week provides a great opportunity to support and promote locally produced cask conditioned ale. UK brewers have been especially hard-hit throughout the COVID-19 crisis and need our support now more than ever.

“Many of us have sorely missed enjoying a pint of fresh, cask-conditioned ale this year, and some areas are now facing second waves of closures. We’d encourage everyone to either choose cask at the bar or seek out delivery or takeaway options in their local area.”

Some pub chains are even taking advantage of Cask Ale Week to stock extra barrels of cask-conditioned beer for customers, with Stonegate using the week to test a larger selection of cask on the bar long-term.

Cask Ale Week is also asking breweries to either create new beers, or use specially designed artwork on existing beers to promote the initiative. You can find the artwork template and an example from Black Sheep here.

● CAMRA members heading off to the pub can enjoy 50p off a pint of cask ale at Stonegate managed pubs, alongside Wetherspoon, Brains and Amber Taverns. They can also tap into individual discounts across 3,500 pubs that have joined the Real Ale Discount Scheme. 

St Austell’s Harlequin celebrates Cask Ale Week

● St Austell Brewery has released a limited-edition English IPA, exclusively for Cask Ale Week. Harlequin (4 per cent ABV), which heroes a new English hop variety of the same name, is now available in select St Austell Brewery managed houses and pubs across the West Country.

Harlequin is a golden IPA, full of juicy passionfruit and pomegranate flavours. The beer showcases Harlequin – a new, award-winning English hop – and all English malt. St Austell Brewery was an early adopter of the highly sought-after hop variety and was able to secure 25% of all crops grown in the country.

St Austell’s brewery director Georgina Young said: “We’re constantly on the lookout for exciting hop varieties to experiment with, from all over the world.

“We first produced a Small Batch Brew with Harlequin last year – which was developed in England as part of Charles Faram’s hop development programme. The Small Batch we produced was so popular that we decided to relaunch it as special seasonal beer, in celebration of this year’s Cask Ale Week.

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