Brew York has announced a £1.5 million investment in expansion as it secures a new brewery site and creates 16 new jobs.

The site in Handley Park in Osbaldwick, York is the latest addition to the Brew York portfolio as the team announce they are pressing on with ambitious plans following a challenging few months of trading.

The new site will house the main brewery, immediately increasing production capacity from 880,000 pints a year at the current Walmgate site to close to four million pints a year – with scope to comfortably double that again should demand increase further.

Work began on the unit shortly after the keys were collected on 1 September, with full operations expected to commence at Handley Park from December at the latest.

Co-owner and head brewer Lee Grabham is optimistic about the latest move for the brewery which was founded in 2015b and says the significant investment in a new canning line just prior to lockdown was key to the position the business is in today:

Grabham said: “The new canning line was a large investment earlier this year, but when lockdown struck it enabled us to pivot the business in a way we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

“At a critical time when cans became the only saleable items we had, we gained the capability to can in one day what would previously have taken us a full week to package.

“It was a vital part of our continued operations, enabled us to retain our staff, and is a huge contributor to our ability to keep pressing forward with our plans to meet continued demand.”

As part of the move to the new brewery site, there has been further investment in kit and technology to improve efficiency, quality and consistency. This includes a sizable cold store, a grain silo and mill, as well as a reverse osmosis machine, which strips all mineral content from the water to create a ‘blank canvas’ for brewing. This will greatly improve general quality and enable the production of new styles of beer such as Pilsner which would not otherwise be possible using York’s mains water supply.

Co-founder and managing director Wayne Smith said: “The last few months have been difficult for everyone, and the brewing industry as a whole has been hit really hard.

“We feel fortunate that we are a flexible business and have been able to adapt quickly. We have a great team here at Brew York who have helped us deal with the change and put us in a strong position to continue to grow despite all the recent and continued challenges.”

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