Humpty Dumpty’s Red Mill, a 4.3 per cent best bitter from has been named the top Norfolk brewed cask ale by Norfolk & Norfolk branch.

The beer is described in Good Beer Guide as “Full bodied, robust and fruity.  Coffee, dark fruits and caramel vie for dominance against a malty bitter base. Powerful rich ending”.

The Reedham based brewery also scooped second place with its Swallowtail, a 4.0 per cent bitter with a “marmalade and biscuit beginning enhanced by grainy bitter notes”.

The Blimey Brewery from Norwich took third place with Eleven, “an orangey, citrus tasting golden ale”.

A year long programme of tasting carried out by the Norfolk Taste Panel saw the winner emerge from a field of over 350 locally brewed beers.

Panel chair Alan Edwards said: “As can be seen from the list of winners we have a lot of good breweries in Norfolk with thirteen, from all parts of the county, gaining awards.

“We hope these awards will encourage pubs to stock local brews and drinkers to seek them out. 

“We need to do all we can to support local pubs and breweries.  The panel will now continue judging as we look forward to naming a winner in 2021.”

The scores are not only used to judge the Champion Beers of Norfolk, they also contribute to the selection of the East Anglian and Champion Beer of Britain (CBOB) competitions.


1st                                           Red Mill                Humpty Dumpty Brewery             Reedham

Runner Up                          Swallowtail         Humpty Dumpty Brewery             Reedham

3rd                                           Eleven                  Blimey Brewery                                Norwich

Mild Ales

1st                                          Mild                       Winter’s Brewery                             Norwich

Runner Up                          Mardlers Mild    Woodforde’s Brewery                   Woodbastwick


1st                                          Swallowtail         Humpty Dumpty                               Reedham

Runner Up                          Norwich Bitter   Fat Cat Brewery                                Norwich

3rd                                         Affinity                 Lacons Brewery                                Great Yarmouth

Best Bitter

1st                                          Red Mill                Humpty Dumpty Brewery             Reedham

Runner Up                          Nelsons                Woodforde’s Brewery                   Woodbastwick

3rd                                         Sirius Dog Star   Wolf Brewery                                    Besthorpe

Golden Ale

1st                                          Eleven                  Blimey Brewery                                Norwich

Runner Up                          Evolution APA   Winter’s Brewery                             Norwich

3rd                                         ThreeOneSix      Grain Brewery                                   Alburgh

Strong Mild

1st                                          Jubilee Mild        Humpty Dumpty Brewery             Reedham


1st                                          Black Anna          Chalk Hill Brewery                           Norwich

Runner Up                          Darkest Hour      S&P Brewery                                     Horsford

3rd                                         Milk Stout           Fat Cat Brewery                                Norwich


1st                                          Prasto’s Porter  Boudicca Brewery                            West Barsham

Runner Up                          Tombland Porter St Andrews Brewhouse              Norwich

3rd                                         Slate                      Grain Brewery                                   Alburgh

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