A new CAMRA podcast entitled Pubs, Pints & People is set to hit the airwaves, making its debut on Apple Podcast and Spotify on 14 April.

The podcast, which has been created in collaboration with a small working group of both local and in-the-field volunteers, aims to shed light on CAMRA, its long and rich history and various topics across the beer world in order to encourage anyone with an interest in beer, cider or pubs to join the Campaign.

The podcast will air with an initial 10 episodes covering off a variety of subjects, ranging from a behind the scenes look at beer festivals to the creation of heritage beers and the role of pubs in tackling loneliness.

Each episode will be 30-minutes and include two interviews from prominent members in the beer community, including the likes of Jonny Garrett of the Craft Beer Channel, cider producer Tom Oliver and Steve Dunkley from Beer Nouveau. The podcast will also dive into the archives each week, finding stories from past issues of What’s Brewing and other CAMRA publications.

Podcast producer and CAMRA’s senior communications manager Katie Wiles said: “The podcast aims to pull back the curtain on CAMRA business and motivate thousands of beer and cider drinkers to join the Campaign.

“From finding some spectacular gems from the archives to shining a spotlight on volunteers undertaking the enormous task of organising an event like the Great British Beer Festival, CAMRA has a wonderfully rich history that anyone should feel proud to be a part of.

“We need everyone’s help to get the word out there and push the podcast past the CAMRA bubble so that we can share the good news that is CAMRA to the rest of the world.”

Branches will be encouraged to support the launch and help it gain notoriety outside of the organisation by sharing social media assets and taking part in a ‘launch party’ on 14 April. More details to follow in forthcoming branch memos and by visiting www.camra.org.uk/podcast

Following the initial pilot, a working party of volunteers will be recruited to take the podcast into future series. To register your interest or provide feedback, please contact podcast@camra.org.uk

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