More than 100 pubs have joined CAMRA’s new voucher scheme since it launched in July, taking the number to over 1,500.

Amber Taverns is the latest chain to come on board, offering discounts on pints of real ale served at its 89 regional pubs.

It joins JD Wetherspoon, Stonegate Pub Company, SA Brains, Castle Rock brewery and around 15 other independents, to extend the vouchers to more CAMRA members.

CAMRA members are entitled to 50p off a pint vouchers worth £30 on joining or at their next renewal, which has replaced the previous £20 Wetherspoon discounts.

In addition, CAMRA provides a platform for independent pubs to offer promotions through its

Real Ale Discount Scheme. More than 3,500 pubs offer CAMRA members discounts to be promotedvia the member bene tand WhatPub sites. The discounts were brought in to make pub-going more affordable while helpingraise the pro le of participating pubs.

CAMRA national chairman Nik Antona said: “It is fantastic to have Amber Taverns on board. We hope by offering vouchers we can better support the pub trade.”

Amber Taverns operations director Gary Roberts said: “Amber Taverns has always been an advocate of the best range of draught beers, lagers and ciders. Where we see the demand, we also encourage our team to deliver an exceptional cask offering.

“Aligning ourselves with CAMRA is really a pretty sensible thing to do. It not only rewards our own loyal regulars but may entice new customers to come and see how great our pubs are.”

CAMRA is encouraging more pubs to get involved. To join, contact or find out more at vouchers

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