Brewhouse and Kitchen in Bedford recently hosted a special event for CAMRA – aimed at encouraging young members to literally get stuck in to a beer-related activity.

Under the instruction of head brewer Richard Cook and apprentice brewer Caitlin McErlean, seventeen young members from across East Anglia spent the day creating “Guavatas”, a tropical pale ale with Guava. It will be served at Bedford Beer & Cider Festival, taking place from 2-5 October.

“We chose the flavours to appeal to younger people who like exciting new beers,” said Dan Veal, chairman of North Beds branch.

“I’m very grateful to Brewhouse and Kitchen for letting us take over their brewery for the day. The team were very accommodating and made the day feel special.”

McErlean said it  was great to brew with such enthusiastic people.

The event was acclaimed as a huge success, which brought young members together and promoted the social side of CAMRA membership.

“Events like this serve as a stepping stone to increase young people’s involvement with the Campaign,” commented Daniel Maycock, Regional Young Members Coordinator for East Anglia.

The positivity was reflected by other members:

Christian Webb, North Bedfordshire CAMRA Member: “Richard and Caitlín were fantastically knowledgeable and were able to answer any question that we threw at them.”

Nicola Webb, North Bedfordshire CAMRA Young Member: “It was great to learn about the brewing process and the differences between beers.”

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