In the latest of our columns by CAMRA directors, Lynn Atack reflects on new social media guidelines, recycling and registering for Members’ Weekend.

Life on the national executive (NE) continues to be busy, and will become increasingly so now I am a full member of the Awards Review Group and Chair of the Communications Committee.

Since I last wrote, we have had two full National Executive and Regional Directors weekend meetings, and in addition to the National Committee meetings, I also continue to visit regional and local meetings and AGMs in different areas from the Midlands, north, as I think it is very important to keep in contact with what is effecting branches locally, in addition to the strategic overview we get on the NE.

At the moment, the communications committee are working on a set of social media guidelines, and updating the guidelines for magazine editors, which should be circulated shortly. We recently carried out the judging for Magazine of the Year. Once again there were many really good examples, it is so pleasing to see so many varied articles, making these such a good read for members and non-members alike. These are after all one of our best vehicles for getting our message across to potential new members, and to show how much fun we can have whilst still having a campaigning message!

In answer to Stuart Mumby’s letter What’s Brewing March, the committee have been looking at an alternative to the plastic wrapping for the paper, but all is not what it seems with compostable wrappers. Unfortunately they still have to be disposed of carefully. Where plastic wrappers are recycled, If the starch ones are put in with those, they contaminate the whole batch of plastic. They need a high temperature to compost correctly, and if they are sent to landfill in ordinary rubbish, the limited oxygen supply means they then release methane gas. We also need to consider the chemical processing needed to turn organic material into a plastic in the first place, so unfortunately all is not as straight forward and ‘green’ as may first appear, but we are still investigating.

I can’t believe it is nearly a year since I was elected, and once again it is time to get together with our friends from up and down the country. As I write this, 1,122 people have pre-registered to come to Dundee, but you can still attend without pre-registering if you can come and join us between 5-7 April. Maybe I will see you there?

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