The search has begun to find CAMRA’s 2019 best club of the year.

Branches can now nominate the club in their area showing the greatest commitment to quality real ale.

Competition organiser Keith Spencer ambition is for branches which don’t usually make a nomination to get involved.

He said it is important branches ensure nominated clubs will admit CAMRA members without prior notification.

“Where a club contravenes CAMRA national policy such that it is not eligible for entry into the Good Beer Guide it is automatically ruled out of the competition. Clubs, which similarly offend, cannot be considered for club of the year,” Said Keith.

The competition is run in conjunction with Club Mirror magazine, the winning club will be announced in Spring 2019.

Pictured: The Albatross, Bexhill, one of the four finalists  for CAMRA’s 2018 club of the year, the winner of which will be announced shortly.

Branches should make their nomination to their regional director or regional club of the year coordinator by 11 March.

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